What we do

Velocity Performance offers objective, scientifically based and accurate athletic performance testing for the young people of Australia.

As the future of Australia’s sporting successes, Velocity Performance aims to offer information and data to form the basis of structured and focused training improvements individually tailored to children through to adolescents. The process of this testing is… and delivered via participating member schools and clubs.

The tests and data provided by Velocity Performance, offer coaches, teachers, participants, and parents pinpoint accuracy in evaluation of various areas of athletic ability. The relevance of this information is further enhanced by a database accessible to all members, which displays rankings, national and regional averages and ranges, as well as further statistics to assess how an individual compares to their peers.

Our Dedicated Team

Mark Arnot

Mark Arnot MSc


Graduated with a Master’s degree in Exercise Sports Science with an emphasis in Physiology 2008 (UK), this degree was preceded by my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Coaching 2006 (USA)

Mark has over 8 years experience in elite sport, working with the England womens national team, Great Britain Cerebral Palsy, Everton and Leeds United Academy. Mark’s key role was to educate and improve the athletes to cope better with the physical demands of the sport, through Fitness testing and monitoring.

Key Achievements:
European Finalist 2009
European Champions 2009 (U19’s)

Binnie MJ, Dawson B, Arnot MA, Pinnington H, Landers G, Peeling P. “
Effect of sand versus grass training surfaces during an 8-week pre-season conditioning program in team sport athletes”

J Sports Sci. 2014;32(11)

Heavily involved in an applied research project run by the Western Australian Institute of Sport and the University of Western Australia in 2012/2013. The research project investigated the effect of sand versus grass training surfaces in the pre-season preparation of elite team sport athletes.