What We Test

Physical fitness is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon, composed of:

  • Aerobic power
  • Anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity
  • Muscular endurance
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility and joint mobility
  • Speed & Agility
We here at Velocity Performance are ideally placed to foster the development of good physical activity by monitoring progress by offering a range of gold standard physical tests.

How We Test


SmartJump the ultimate tool for vertical jump testing, plyometrics and power training.

SmartSpeed Pro

SMARTSPEED™ PRO system is world renowned not only as the gold standard in sports timing system, but also for its unique reactive training applications.

Smartspeed Timing Gates

Fusion Sport SMARTSPEED timing gates – you can unlock the doors to truly understand and improve sport specific speed, agility, power and endurance.